Tofu Boat Noodles


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This dish is perfect for vegans / vegetarians. The wheat noodles are tossed in a rich braised sauce of mushrooms and served with a plant based "minced meat substitute". It is topped off with silky tofu and bak choy. 

NOTE: Made 100% from plants, Phuture Minced satisfies like real minced meat, and is also environmentally friendly! The ingredients are carefully selected for their nutritional value. Phuture Minced has all the nutrients that meat provides, such as essential amino acids, Vitamin B12 and Iron without the unhealthy high saturated fats, cholesterol and antibiotics.

A. Food Matters

B. Delivery Matters

C. Payment Matters

A. Food Matters

Q: Is it safe to consume your food the next day?

A: According to guidelines set by the Singapore Food Agency, you should consume all foods within 4 hours from the time the food has been cooked / prepped. Certain braised dishes can be eaten the next time, but if you are unsure, we would advise you strongly to adhere to the guidelines set by the Singapore Food Agency.

A: Yes. We strongly believe in the need to use eco friendly packaging as part of our efforts to promote sustainability towards a greener Earth. We may resort to using non eco friendly packaging only in times where suppliers are not able to cope with demand, especially during this time of the COVID19 pandemic where there is a surge demand for eco packaging.

A: We thank you for your support for the tiramisu, but in order to ensure the consistency of the quality, we produce the tiramisu only in small batches. You can still send in your orders even if its "sold out" and we ill contact you to advise delivery.

A: You can specify your allergies in the "special remarks" column during check out. We will contact you via SMS or a phone call if the items you purchase are not suitable. 

B. Delivery Matters

A: For orders below $50.00, there is a delivery charge of $15.00. For orders more than $50.00, the delivery charge is $8.00.

A: Yes we do, even for customers staying in Sentosa, the delivery charges apply. Unfortunately, we do not do any other locations beside the Mainland and Sentosa, so folks living on P. Ubin, we are sorry.

A: Yes you may. You may leave your request for the multiple locations in the "special remarks" column during check out and a staff will contact you shortly. Additional delivery charges will apply, and charges may vary on a case by case basis. It is advisable to make your orders with such requests at least 2 (TWO) days in advance so we can make arrangements prior to the deliveries, delivery charges may be cheaper as well. Please remember to indicate your contact number or email during check out so we can contact you directly.

A: Yes you can! Simple add in the message in the "special remarks" column during check out. However, do keep your messages in English or Mandarin, so our staff can write them for you.

A: You will typically get your order within the hour of ordering. However, deliveries times may vary, due to unforeseen traffic and weather conditions, or surge in orders due to festivities & holidays, there may be a delay. We will contact you via SMS or a phone call to inform you if there is a delay. Please remember to indicate your contact number or email during check out so we can contact you directly.

A: You will receive an email notification when you have confirmed your order by completing the payment during check out. The email notification will show your order, eg. SHPFY_1234, which you can use to reference for any correspondence with our staff

A: Yes you can! Add in your pick up timing and date under the "special remarks" column during check out and then select the "self pick up" optionunder "Shipping" when you check out. 

A: Yes you can! Add in your desired time and date under the "special remarks" column during check out.

A: You will typically receive a notification via SMS to inform you that your delivery is on the way. We are currently working on integrating our platform with WhatsApp so you can receive timely updates on your delivery.

C. Payment Matters

A: The accepted modes of payment are Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AMEX, Shop Pay and PayPal.

A: Delivery fees help us subsidise the varying delivery charges from the third party logistics company we engage to deliver the items to you in a timely and orderly manner. In fact, most of the time, the charges by these companies to us are more than whatever has been charged to you, the customer, due to varying and escalating charges from the surge in demand for logistical services. The delivery fees will go to subsidise these charges, and the remaining absorbed by us, in this way, our customers can still enjoy our offerings without having to pay jacked up prices from our actual walk in menus. Also, we also engage drivers who have lost their income during the pandemic, and the delivery fees will go to them to at least help them during this economical and health crisis.